Westwood Club was built during World War I and believe it or some of our club members that come here today were involved in the original construction!

An early function at Westwood Club


This image is from a function (unknown) that took place in 1920. We can really say that we have been bringing the community together for nearly 100 years.

Wings for Victory Presentation


"Wings For Victory Week" was a national fund raising event held in the UK. Each county in Britain was set a target for the amount of money they should raise in order to contribute to the coat of an aircraft,which in turn would be named after the town or county which raised enough money. Here we see a presentation being made to a resident of Westwood in 1942.

Skittles - A Westwood Sport!


This is the Westwood Skittles A team (back row) and the B team (front row) from 1949! Some of them probably still play here!!

A View From Above.


Shown here is an aerial view of Westwood. Date currently unknown.

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